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The Various **signed and dated first edition**

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(updated November 2009)
Our Specialist Authors : Steve Augarde (updated November 2009) : The Various  **signed and dated first edition**
The Various **signed and dated first edition** - FE536

Augarde, Steve.

The Various

Oxford, David Fickling, 2003.

Fine in Fine dustjacket.

First novel, small print run.

Signed and dated (October 2003) by author.

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Steve Augarde's first fantasy novel for children, "The Various" produced an immediate enthusiastic response, was awarded a prestigious Smarties Prize and was also shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal 2003.

"The Various" is set in the Somerset Levels - an area which, in ancient times, attracted settlers because the marshland afforded defence against intruders. It is also an area renowned for the diversity of its wildlife. On both counts, it provides an ideal setting for the tiny members of the tribes of "The Various" to conduct their rear-guard stand against their thoughtless human (gorji) neighbours' invasion of their territory. Steve Augarde lived in the West Country for many years and his familiarity with its landscape is apparent in his writing.

The second book in the series, "Celandine" was published in 2005 and the third book, "Winter Wood" has just been released. .

March 2006: Fore-edge painting
Fore-edging of The Various is in silver, with Celandine in gold - to match the hot-foiling on the respective covers. The final book of the trilogy, Winter Wood, will be edged in red, the metallic 'red leaf' finish complementing the hot-foiling which will adorn that cover. This very delicate and  time-consuming technique involves fanning the pages and clamping them into position whilst the design is painted on the fore-edges. With the book then closed, the silver or gold 'leaf' finishing is then applied to the three surfaces, and burnished to a high shine. The painting or design disappears beneath the polished metallic surface - to re-appear as if by magic once the pages are fanned. The amount of time and effort required to produce work of this highly specialised nature means that very few examples will ever be produced. Designs can be created to order, and serious collectors are welcome to contact me and I will pass on enquiries to Steve. For photographs, please link to Steve's web page http://www.steveaugarde.com

February 2008:
The final book in the Various trilogy, "Winter Wood" has been published. "Winter Wood" promises to be as exciting as the other two novels - "The Various have returned and their desperation has made them all the more dangerous...." Signed copies in stock.

October 2009^X Isle^ has just been published. Signed, dated and inscribed copies now in stock.

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